About Us

What is a Credit Union?

A credit union is a financial cooperative, organized by people who have a common bond, that specializes in saving and borrowing services. Members pool their assets, providing funds for loans to those within the group who have a need. The members own and operate the credit union.

The purpose of this credit union is to encourage thrift among its members, create a source of credit at a fair and reasonable rate of interest, and provide an opportunity for its members to improve their economic and social conditions.

History of Service Credit Union

Service Credit Union was created in 1934, when a group of farsighted Wisconsin Public Service employees joined together to help their fellow employees in those desperate days of the Great Depression. In those days, it was not easy to borrow money except at high rates of interest. The credit union provided a convenient place for members with a few extra dollars to pool funds and help other employees who needed a loan to tide them over in an emergency.

Since its beginning, Service Credit Union has grown into a sound financial institution by meeting the changing needs of its members. It has built a good financial basis with assets presently over 13 million dollars.

Our Mission Statement

Provide members with competitive, high quality financial services in a professional and friendly manner while maintaining a position of safety, soundness and strength.


Our office is located in the Green Bay Service Center of the Wisconsin Public Service complex on Ashland Avenue in Ashwaubenon.

Field of Membership

Who can be a Member?

Any employee or retiree of the WEC Energy Group, its subsidiaries and affiliates, residing in the State of Wisconsin or Michigan may become a member of Service Credit Union. This includes: spouse, parents, children, stepparents, stepchildren, grandparents, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, step-sisters, step-brothers, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law. Any other member who permanently resides in the same household as the primary member may also qualify.

How can I become a Member?

Contact the credit union office to obtain the proper documents to apply for membership. A deposit of $5.00 or more is required to open an account.

See Membership Services to find out more about the benefits of being a member.

Members are able to get loans at reasonable rates. See Current Loan Rates.